Pianos in the street
Pianos in the street
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Pianos in the street

The original idea of placing grand pianos in central areas of different cities, so that whoever wants to sit down and play them, was promoted by the Maria Canals International Music Competition a few years ago, and was first extended to Madrid in 2012 with the support of the Jesús Serra Foundation. Thanks to the extraordinary reception it has received, it has expanded to more towns and finally reaches Santiago de Compostela.


1. Praza de Cervantes (Auditorio Abanca)
2. Praza da Quintana (Colegio de Arquitectos)
3. Praza das Praterías (Museo das Peregrinacións)
4. Praza do Obradoiro (City Council)
5. Rúa Nova (Teatro Principal)
6. Rúa do Villar (Consorcio de Santiago)
7. Alameda (Music Kiosk)

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Pianos in the street

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