'Parque Natural', José Ramón Ais
'Parque Natural', José Ramón Ais
13/12/2018 - 15/02/2019
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'Parque Natural', José Ramón Ais

The Parque Natural series consists of twelve photographs offering different views of a fictitious natural park. A path and a river run through each image, proposing a route through a succession of scenes: idealised landscapes constructed from stereotypes, pictorial references and visual heritages with which our gaze on nature has been built throughout history. The methods used to create these images allude to the period of photographic pictorialism in the 19th century, when photography, recently invented, seeks its own languages and inevitably inherits the codes of painting.

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'Parque Natural', José Ramón Ais
'Parque Natural', José Ramón Ais

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