Papyroflexia Workshop
[For children]
Papyroflexia Workshop
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Looking ahead to next year, MUPEGA is organizing a papyroflexia workshop where the children will build a calendar in the shape of a polyhedron.
For the realization of the activity it is necessary to be skillful and precise folding the paper since, if the pieces are not made well, it is impossible to assemble the final polyhedron. So this activity is aimed at children from 9 years.
If there are free places, children of 8 years old could attend accompanied by an adult who will help them during the activity.

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Papyroflexia Workshop
Papyroflexia Workshop

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Mupega (Galician Pedagogic Museum)
Rúa de San Lázaro 107, Santiago de Compostela, 15871
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10 places, + 9 years
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