'Selvática en directo + DJ Fixemberg. noitiNHas 2019'
'Selvática en directo + DJ Fixemberg. noitiNHas 2019'
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The roof of the Hotel NH Collection Santiago once again offers music and gourmet savories during its delivery in 2019. Appointments will be as always free after previous collection of prior invitation from 7:30 pm, every concert day at the reception in the hotel. The nights will start with the musical session of a local DJ and will continue with live performances from 9pm.

The novelty of this edition comes from the gastronomic side: six guest chefs will be in charge of creating and elaborating one of the thematic savories of each day, adding attractive to the essential appointments of the musical cycle.



notiNHas 26-04:

*19:30h-21h: DJ Bigote Mix

*21h: Concert- Mohama Saz (Mediterranean psych-rock. Madrid)

*Guest chef: Tito Fernández – Hesperia A Coruña Finisterre


notiNHas 07-05:

*19:30h-21h:DJ Jimmy’s Lambada

*21h: Concert - Pedrina (Alternative pop. Colombia).

*Guest chef: Roberto Filgueira - O Balado (Boqueixón)


notiNHas 12-06:

*19:30h-21h: DJ Russinha

*21h: Concert - Mula (Electronic. Futuristc Caribe. República Dominicana)

*Guest chef: Rafa Centeno - Maruja Limón (Vigo)


notiNHas 07-08: 

*19:30h-21h:DJ Tristón

*21h: Concert - Blanco Palamera (Inditronic. Dream-Pop. Galicia)

*Guest chef: Kike Piñeiro - A Horta do Obradoiro  (Santiago de Compostela)


notiNHas 04-09:

*19:30h-21h: DJ Fixemberg

*21h: Concert - Selvática (Pop. Post-Punk. Tropic. Galicia)

*Guest chef: Álvaro Víctoriano -  Peculiar (A Coruña)


notiNHas 18-10:

*19:30h-21h: DJ Manuele Caamagno

*21h: Concert - Los Bengala (Rock&Roll felino. Garage. Aragón)

*Guest chef: Juan Crujeiras - Bido (A Coruña)




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'Selvática en directo + DJ Fixemberg. noitiNHas 2019'

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Hotel NH Collection Santiago de Compostela *****
Avda. do Burgo das Nacións, s/n, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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