Nightcrawler + 16Pineapples + Narcoleptica
Nightcrawler + 16Pineapples + Narcoleptica
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Nightcrawler + 16Pineapples + Narcoleptica

Synthwave and Darksynth are the fundamental foundations of  Nightcrawler’s sound universe, inspired by the sounds of horror soundtracks of the 80s and science fiction films, combining these ingredients with electronic rhythms and dark atmospheres.

16pineapples is composed of Olga (OMMA), Milan (Miel de Montagne) and Vincent (Miel de Montagne musician). The group redefines the concepts and limits of live music by incorporating technologies that make any object interactive and thus playable. Satellite of the Playtronica Studio, it redefines music by touch and develop a live concert exclusively composed of pineapple.

Narcoleptica is Beatriz Vaca making noise. Experimentation + mix of sound backgrounds + live-looping in a sonic stratification experience.

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Nightcrawler + 16Pineapples + Narcoleptica

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Rúa de Concepción Arenal, 5, Santiago de Compostela, 15702
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