Wanderlust Galicia-Baviera
Wanderlust Galicia-Baviera
26/10/2018 - 20/01/2019
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Wanderlust Galicia-Baviera

The curators Antón Sobral and Hubert Huber collaborated in the selection of artists from Galicia and Bavaria that make up Wanderlust Galicia-Baviera, each focusing on one of the territories. The proposals included range from painting to sculpture, photography to installations, all by current creators who, despite working in distant places with different histories, stories and problems, end up articulating a common structure and language. The confluence of this variety of artistic proposals offers a result marked by the plurality of interpreted landscapes, interventions that adapt to the space and a wide image of figurative and abstract realities.

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Wanderlust Galicia-Baviera
Wanderlust Galicia-Baviera

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