Mojo Experience
Mojo Experience
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Mojo Experience

This 'Explosive Blues Band' was born in Compostela, with a style close to the classic Blues in 2015 from an idea of Alejandro Castiñeiras (founding member of Clan Moriarty). Initially, the formation consisted of five members; after 5 guitarists, 3 singers and 4 drums, the formation stabilizes at the end of 2016.
With the entrance of the new members, the sound changes towards a mix of Blues with Hard Rock, inspired by the British and American Rock of the early 70s, with powerful voices of complex vocal harmonies and psychotropic solos. With an incombustible rhythmic base and a high voltage front line, they have a habit of creating an unpredictable and energetic live.

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Mojo Experience

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Sala Capitol
Rúa de Concepción Arenal, 5, Santiago de Compostela, 15702
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10 € (+CD)
Embora, Capitol

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12 €