Mirada País. Videocreación
Mirada País. Videocreación
04/12/2018 - 20/12/2018
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Mirada País. Videocreación

The construction of the videographic image in Galicia from the nineteen-eighties to the present day resolves some creative and ideological issues, regarding commitments and social grievances and, of course, aesthetic issues too —thus, those concerning visual culture rooted in individual and collective culture—. Aspects such as the possibility of initiation to activation and action through the image with a non-generalist characterisation of basic questions such as memory (the description of time lived and its axiality with time hoped for), the positioning with a historical time of ethical and political-participatory reference (from intermediary sexualisation to activations of the foundations of gender, critical vindication, with a commitment to retrospective feminism, open and evolving, transitive equality, the inappropriate timelessness of history itself), and also the historical time of Galicia as entity and country as well as entity and territory (all said, of Galicia as a substantive human entity).


SESSION I. << Os presentes simbólicos >>
4 december / 19:00 h

SESSION II. << Experiencia e definición >>
13 december / 19:00 h

SESSION III. << Memoria e contraste >>
19 december / 19:00 h

SESSION IV. << Os presentes proxectados >>
20 december / 19:00 h

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Mirada País. Videocreación
Mirada País. Videocreación

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