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Exhibition: 'Muro', by Xurxo Oro Claro
15/09/2016 - 30/10/2016
Museo do Pobo Galego
Exhibition of large-format sculptures, by Xurxo Oro Claro. It invites reflection about the situation of migrants and refugees displaced by war and famine.
Exhibition: 'Oficios entre lusco e fusco' by Xosé Abad
08/09/2016 - 30/10/2016
Museo do Pobo Galego
The photography exhibition, by Xosé Abad, illustrates a reflexion on the possible disappearance of traditional handicrafts because of mechanization.
'Galicreques 2016': 'As Xeneralas da Ulla'
30/09/2016 - 01/10/2016
Puppeteers from several countries present their singular productions. Children’s shows, outdoor performances and evening shows. And also round tables, exhibitions and workshops… an...
29/09/2016 - 01/10/2016
Cidade da Cultura de Galicia
Spin2016 reúne en Santiago de Compostela el talento innovador y emprendedor de América Latina, España y Portugal, con estudiantes procedentes de un centenar de universidades...

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Semana Cultural de Conxo
Celebración de la 30 Semana Cultural de Conxo.  Martes 20 A partir de las 18:00 h. Espacio de juego 18:00  Encuentro con la artista. Taller de dibujo ilustrado. A partir...
'Cineuropa'. Concert by Real Filharmonía de Galicia
Concert of the Real Filharmonía of Galcia conducted by Manuel Coves, in the film competition of Compostela called ‘Cineuropa’. + info: Real Filharmonía de Galicia