'Las Muchas', Cía María Antonia Oliver
'Las Muchas', Cía María Antonia Oliver
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'Las Muchas', Cía María Antonia Oliver

Las Muchas is a small-format show built with residents of the village where the company resides. The show is accompanied by a 4-day pre-workshop with local women over the age of 60.

Las Muchas talks about fragility, that which has to do with age, with bodies that no longer belong to the "corpus" of the social statement, that are no longer in the official market, but more alive than ever and above all freer: bodies that breathe, weigh, dance, seduce, move and situate themselves in another way. Letting oneself be listened to and let oneself be traversed by lived experiences: physical, emotional, accidental, political, concealment and commitment.

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'Las Muchas', Cía María Antonia Oliver

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