Francisco Pazos / Mila Vázquez
Francisco Pazos / Mila Vázquez
29/11/2018 - 30/01/2019
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Francisco Pazos / Mila Vázquez

This exhibition brings together works by the sculptor Francisco Pazos and the painter Mila Vázquez. Francisco Pazos is one of the references of Galician sculpture. He works with granite, wood and bronze, combining figuration and abstraction, standing out for a contemporary reinterpretation of recognisable elements of our identity. Mila Vázquez, an artist with a consolidated trajectory, began her artistic background as a pupil of the artist Xurxo Martiño, and a few years later began her personal trajectory by exhibiting in different galleries and art fairs. Over the years, he has incorporated seascapes into his most representative themes such as factories, seasons or any space in which the presence and intervention of man is palpable. All his works have in common the absence of the human figure that is nevertheless the cause of this landscape.

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Francisco Pazos / Mila Vázquez
Francisco Pazos / Mila Vázquez

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