Omelette Festival of Laro
Omelette Festival of Laro

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Very close to Santiago: Silleda

This is a very popular festival that is well established in the Municipality of Silleda’scalendar. Every year, more than 10,000 people gather together to savour around 2,000 portions of omelette and 1,000 litres of wine free of charge. The festival began to be held in 1989, reaching its 22nd year in 2010.

2015 events: Opening speech delivered by invited celebrities. Competition-tasting. Bidding for winning omelettes. Dinner in the “carballeira” (oak grove) and musical performances featuring traditional groups, street bands and orchestras.

Every year, the organising commission, and householders work hard to make hundreds of different kinds of omelettes: with cod, peppers, chorizo, meat, prawns…
About 2,000 portions are served (a lot of people bring their own food), while 1,000 litres of food are distributed free of charge to those buying small bowls and jugs. Small bowls sell for € 2, while a jug costs € 10. There are also t-shirts, polo shirts, drinking jars and omelette flipper on sale.

The organisation arranges bus rides to Laro from Silleda, A Bandeira and Lalín.

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Carballeira de Castro (Freixeiro-Laro), Silleda
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