'Festas da Ascensión 2019'
'Festas da Ascensión 2019'
29/05/2019 - 02/06/2019
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Celebration of the Ascensión festive celebrations. The programme includes a wide range of musical styles, activities for young a lot of attractions in the Alameda.

In 2019 Compostela will celebrate the 'Ascension' from May 29 to June 2, with a program designed for a diverse public and in which all activities will be free. There will be eight major concerts in the squares of Quintana and Toural, many proposals for the family audience and activities that are already part of the tradition.


Wednesday, May 29

'Artellando na tarde': contemporary dance show by  Laly Ayguadé at 8:30pm. 'Plaza de San Martín Pinario'.

'Los 40 Pop Concert': with the participation of Roi Méndez, Ana Guerra, Nill Moliner, Ana Mena, Carlos Right and Dani Fernández. The show will be hosted by the popular Tony Aguilar. 'Praza da Quintana'.

'Artellando na Noite': Concert at 11pm by Davide Salvado, who will present his new show 'Amarelo'. In it, the artist reinterprets, from the contemporary perspective, traditional Galician songs and from other parts of the world, accompanied by the texts of the writer, scriptwriter and actor Manolo Cortés. In the concert, Davide Salvado will be accompanied by Pedro Pascual and Pablo Pascual. 'Praza do Toural'.

Thursday, May 30

Cabalar Fair.

Show 'Lorca enamorado', with Salvador Sobral, Abe Rábade, Kike Morente, Arcangel, Marcelo DoBode, Davide Salvado and Susana Seivane, among other artists. This is a project designed and directed by Abe Rábade, inspired by the "Seis poemas gallegos".

'Artellando no Vermú' (children's concert): 'Martiña Soñadora' at 12:30 am. 'Praza de Cervantes'.

'Artellando no Vermú': 'Brassica Rapa' concert at 1pm. 'Praza de Cervantes'.

'Folk na Rúa': with the performances of the groups Brincadeira, Colegiata del Sar, Cantigas and Agarimos and Ultreia, in the squares of the old city, before offering a joint performance in Acibechería, from 8pm.

'Artellando na Tarde': The Brazilian company 'Circo en Ato' will present its show 'El salto alto' at 8:30 p.m. 'Praza Roxa'.

Concert of the Municipal Band of Music accompanied by the percussion group Odaiko, under the slogan "Go Band". 'Praza de Praterías'.

'Artellando na Noite': concert at 23:30 p.m. by Germán Díaz and Benxamín Otero, who will present their work 'Thirteen songs. 'Praza do Toural'.

Friday the 31st

'Artellando no Vermú': Concert by 'Zeltia' at 1pm. 'Praza de Cervantes'.

'Artellando na tarde': from 6:30 p.m. in the 'Praza de Cervantes' 'Swing in the Ascension', in collaboration with the Compostela Swing Association. At 8:30 p.m. 'The Sar Swing Quartet Concert'.

Batucada session on the street from 'Puente Castro' square to 'Praza Roxa'.

'Artellando na noite': concert by Najla Shami at 11pm. The singer and composer born in Compostela, but also the daughter of Palestinian culture, will present her new album, 'Ella sabe a sol'. 'Praza do Toural'.

Saturday 1 June

'A Festa no Teatro Principal': The day will begin at 11:30 am, with a micro-shows session in which Pérez & Fernández, Yolanda Castaño, Servando Barreiro and Inacio Vilariño will participate. At 1:00 pm, performance of Lydia Botana, who will present her first album, 'Vuela'.

In the afternoon, the party will continue with a new session of micro-shows, this time with the participation of Anxo Moure, Xarope Tulú, Saleta Fernández and Fani Triana. Charo Pita will close the day with his show 'No país do vento'.

'Artellando no Vermú': Concert by Xoana at 1p.m. 'Praza de Cervantes'.

'Artellando na Noite': 23h. Concert offered by 'De Mar a Mar', the group formed by Víctor Muñiz, Blanca Paloma, Wafir Gibril and Vicente Molino that fuses the popular Mediterranean song with flamenco and Latin American sounds. Plaza del Toral.

Concert of 'Novedades Carminha'. 'Praza da Quintana'.

Sunday June 2

'Artellando no Vermú' (children's concert): 'Sira e o robot' at 12:30 p.m. 'Praza de Cervantes'.

'Artellando no Vermú': Concert by 'Chicharrón' at 1pm. 'Praza de Cervantes'.

Batucada session with a tour from the 'Platerías' to the 'Toral', in which 120 percussionists from all over the Iberian Peninsula will participate.



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'Festas da Ascensión 2019'

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