Exhibition: `Sonoro empeño. A música nas coleccións ABANCA e Afundación´
Exhibition: `Sonoro empeño. A música nas coleccións ABANCA e Afundación´
25/03/2019 - 15/09/2019
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Exhibition: `Sonoro empeño. A música nas coleccións ABANCA e Afundación´

This exhibition is part of the cultural project SONORO EMPEÑO. In it you can find fundamental art pieces by authors like Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Castelao, José Manuel Broto, Rafael Úbeda, Urban Lugrís, Luís Seoane, Menchu Lamas, Luís Caruncho, Xaime Quessada, etc.

The relationship between music and visual arts is a constant that has aroused great interest throughout history. Despite being distant disciplines that move through different sensory channels, the connections and meeting points are evident not only in terms of common expressive objectives, but also in the exchange of concepts such as rhythm, movement, chromaticism or variation. 

On this premise, a classification is established in four sections that address the issue from different perspectives to illustrate these confluences:

Musical iconography. One of the most obvious relations between plastic arts and sound is that which affects the visual representation of scenes or musical instruments. The pieces exhibited here illustrate three basic themes: the musician, the musical instrument and its isolated representation as the sole protagonist of the work. 

Synesthesia. The utopia of formulating an auditory painting or visual music, present throughout the history of art, reaches a more significant development with avant-garde movements, which materialize through sensory hybridization the experience of seeing sounds and listening to images.

Festivities and dances. The pictorial representation of dance presents one of the most propitious terrains for the relationship between music and painting, since it allows introducing in a spatial art the concepts of dynamism, rhythm and sonority, typical of a temporal art.

Music in childhood. The linking of images of boys and girls to scenes or musical instruments, which has a long pictorial tradition, is often linked to the ideas of innocence, spontaneity and candor, and associated with instruments of sweet timbre.


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Exhibition: `Sonoro empeño. A música nas coleccións ABANCA e Afundación´

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