'Elisa e Marcela', A Panadaría
'Elisa e Marcela', A Panadaría
25/10/2018 - 28/10/2018
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'Elisa e Marcela', A Panadaría

On June 8, 1901 two women, Elisa and Marcela, marry in the church of San Xurxo in A Coruña.

In order to deceive the priest and make his love official, Elisa becomes Mario. The wedding and the subsequent events that envelop their history make them the first gay marriage of which we have evidence throughout the State but also in some of the most transgressive women in the history of Galicia.

Elisa and Marcela are a symbol of the challenge to the rules of the gender binomial and the defense of the rights of lesbian couples.

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'Elisa e Marcela', A Panadaría
'Elisa e Marcela', A Panadaría

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