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Santiago's Entertainment Guide


21:00 | Sala Capitol
Rosa Cedrón as godmother of this event will be accompanied by other Galician artists such as Luis Fercán, David Prado, Jorge Casal, Carmela Pequeña and Álvaro Iglesias. Other national artists such as Jorge Marazu, Txetxu Altube, Mäbu, Virginia Maestro,...
14/12/2018 - 15/12/2018
19:30 | Iglesia de As Ánimas
The Choirs of Compostela join forces for another year to offer two musical evenings. The voluntary entrance will be a donation for the maintenance of the Economic Kitchen and the hostel of San Francisco.
21:00 | Sala Capitol
Since 1996 the big family of Paluso celebrates its traditional Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas's lunch free and open to anyone who wants to share these dates with the largest family in Compostela. And one more year, the friends of the Coro da Ra bring us a supportive night not to lose,...


18:30 | Teatro Principal
Isabel Risco will present this solidarity gala with Palestine Festiclown organized by Pallasos in rebellion. A show full of humour, magic, music and circus, with the presence of Pablo Díaz, Assircópatas, Sue Moreno, Yolanda Paz, Sempre Arriba and Coro da Rá.


The animal shelter of Bando presents its Benefic Calendar to give diffusion to the work that develops this center with abandoned animals. In this event throughout the day we can participate in various talks and performances of magic, theater and music.