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Santiago's Entertainment Guide


30/11/2018 - 01/12/2018
20:30 | Teatro Principal
The wisdom of Benet i Jornet, great master of contemporary dramaturgy, appears splendidly once again in 'Dúas donas que bailan'. The play is staged by Teatro do Atlántico and arrives at the Teatro Principal with the help of the Rede Galega de Teatros e Auditorios.
24/01/2019 - 25/01/2019
20:30 | Teatro Principal
In an immense, accurate and masterful way, Valle-Inclán braids in the three works that make up this show the only two motors that move the human world, greed and lust with their inevitable final transit: death. From the singular and poetic; "Ligazón" (play for silhouettes),...
09/05/2019 - 10/05/2019
20:30 | Teatro Principal
A woman who bears on her body the imprint of obstetric violence suffered during pregnancy and childbirth tells her story in a direct, open and self-critical way. A story constructed while the wound is still open, because the sequels have not yet been repaired and her testimony will have all the...


01/12/2018 - 02/12/2018
Auditorio de Galicia
Do we have our own criminal culture? Delinquing like Galicians? To answer these questions, Carlos Blanco and Touriñán analyze and dramatize indigenous crimes in all their variables, from the crime of unconsciousness to the crime of rage accumulation, through the family crime...

For children

17:30 | Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
The Santiago Ánxel Casal Public Library hosts the Proxecto Regueifesta é Patrimonio: a regueifa e a festa como patrimonio da xente nova. This year the students of the IES Maximino Romero de Lema, from Baio, o Marco do Cambalhom, from Vila de Cruces and the Regueifeiras from Escola...
22/12/2018 - 04/01/2019
Salón Teatro
For the third consecutive year, the Centro Dramático Galego is committed to the creation of new audiences, paying special attention to the smallest and most demanding spectators. Taking advantage of the fact that girls and boys have more time at Christmas, this cycle offers some of the...
18:30 | Teatro Principal
A Galiña Azul is a show that talks about diversity and solidarity, aimed at children and families, which uses various techniques of manipulation of dolls, acting, music and songs.
18:30 | Teatro Principal
After touring the Galician stages with the show of the children's book-record Estamos no verán!, Xoán Curiel e a Banda do Verán dare with a new, terrifying and fun adventure: A Casa do Terror. The members d´A Banda do Verán have a long way through all the...
18:30 | Teatro Principal
A show born to pay tribute to the disappeared Pavillón Lino of A Coruña, a cultural space of modernist aesthetics dedicated to all kinds of artistic activities, theatre, cinema, dance, puppets, comedians, automatons...  A thrilling comedy of varieties through which will...


Plaza de Cervantes
This year there is a new edition of the Rosalía Festival, with a product fair with the 'Marca Rosalía' in the Plaza de Cervantes and various musical and theatrical performances. It also commemorates the 160th anniversary of the publication of the Lieders, considered the first ...

Guided visits

12:00 | Plaza de Mazarelos
Guided by Professor Mercedes Espiño, the tour will take place in the historic centre of Compostela, stopping at the houses and places where the members of the Irmandades da Fala who were in Santiago between 1916, the year of its creation, and 1931, the year in which they were dissolved...


07/11/2018 - 03/03/2019
Museo do Pobo Galego
Seventy years after Castelao's historical allocution in Buenos Aires, the Consello da Cultura Galega organizes an innovative tribute with a multimedia narrative based on the exploration and participant observation of the best piece of oratory written in Galician. Through the combination of...