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05/10/2018 - 03/03/2019
Cidade da Cultura de Galicia
This exhibition pays homage to the role of the teachers of the Second Republic and exhibits for the first time in Galicia the iconic work 'A derradeira leición do mestre', considered the 'Galician Guernica'. In this way, this exhibition project focuses on recreating the situation of ...
15/11/2019 - 12/04/2020
10:00 | Cidade da Cultura de Galicia
'Galicia, un relato no mundo' explores the interaction between the Galician historical territory and the rest of the world in a journey that takes us from prehistory to the present. Conceived as the first of three major exhibitions of the Xunta on the occasion of Xacobeo 2021, it will...
12/01/2020 - 08/02/2020
Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
This exhibition shows the graffiti awarded and finalists in the Xuventude Crea 2019 program. In this edition the winners were Miguel Aurelio Cajaraville (Baiona) for his work Cor de corral; in second place, Margot Rodríguez Salvador (Pontedeume) with Leonesa con bengala; and in third...
23/01/2020 - 31/12/2020
Fundación Eugenio Granell
The Council of Santiago and the Eugenio Granell Foundation are hosting, at the latter's headquarters, the works of the Maside Legacy, acquired by the Consorcio de Santiago and the Deputación da Coruña, with the exhibition "Carlos Maside. [Patrimonio de Galicia]". The exhibition...
08/02/2020 - 12/04/2020
DIDAC (DARDO Instituto do Deseño e das Artes Contemporáneas)
The DIDAC Foundation Collection is a legacy under construction that was born with the mission of projecting design and contemporary art. With the intention of generating a visual and documentary map of what has happened fundamentally since the nineteen-seventies until today, this collection...
06/03/2020 - 14/06/2020
CGAC (Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea)
Manfred Gnädinger (Radolfzell, 1936 - Camariñas, 2002) better known as Man de Camelle, was portrayed for decades by the press as an extravagant character, preventing us from looking beyond and acknowledging the true artistic dimension of his life and work.