'DES-Hábitat', Vaivén Circo
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'DES-Hábitat', Vaivén Circo
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'DES-Hábitat', Vaivén Circo

A gestural show, with circus choreographies, which speaks to us from acrobatics, dance, with nods to flamenco. In short, a story told from the movement.

DES-HABITAT tells us about the place where nothing ever happens, but where we want to be, that place that makes us feel good and that welcomes us, sometimes gives us a lime and other sand but always gives us, always brings us closer.

Characters who want tranquillity, who show their peace, who cooperate to achieve it but, as usually happens in human relationships, there are fights that have to be overcome, always with humor, with poetry, with circus, in an atmosphere that will transport us to a world full of nuances.

In this that will be its fourth show DES-HÁBITAT, the company Vaivén Circo wants to bring the public to a different world, with a special aesthetic, to make that during the hour that lasts the spectacle everybody wants to be inside the same one.

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'DES-Hábitat', Vaivén Circo
'DES-Hábitat', Vaivén Circo

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Teatro Principal
Rúa Nova, 22, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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4 €
4x12 € voucher, only at the box office
Teatro Principal, compostelacultura.gal