Cultura no Camiño 2018: Rojo
Cultura no Camiño 2018: Rojo
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Cultura no Camiño 2018: Rojo

The Cultura no Camiño programme is developing its sixth edition with the involvement of 103 town halls located along the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela routes to display an interesting billboard through which our scenic and musical production goes out to meet Galician spectators, pilgrims and all those who visit us on these dates.

Events in Santiago de Compostela:

Wednesday 1 August
Rojo. Pistacatro productora de soños (Children's Theatre)
19:30 h | Praza da Quintana
Rojo is the way of a clown, it is a journey to the limits, those who impose on us and those we create for ourselves. Strange travel provisions: keys, doorknobs, illusions, dust, memories... Rojo is a dialogue with a wall, a dance with the confines, a dream that is beyond, is something to leave behind in order to move forward. The motor of the journey is the desire to get to the other side, to the place where the others are.

Tuesday, August 14
Animacreques. Cía Catropés (Children's Theatre)
13:00 h | Old Town
In Animacreques, from the circus technique of stilts and the virtuosity of dance, this proposal of animation and intervention in the street arises. Ánxela Blanco and Vanessa Rivas (Catropés) propose a visual game that will allow the public to participate and enjoy this peculiar relationship between puppet and puppeteer.

Wednesday 22 August
Espera. Pistacatro productora de soños (New circus)
19:30 h | Praza da Quintana
Espera is a participative circus show where the audience is invited, in a very sensitive and subtle way, to experience the acrobatics that take place on stage. When the boundary between stage and audience disappears, the show becomes an opportunity to share collective experience, where we look at each other in the face with strangers and listen to each other with our bodies.

Wednesday 29 August
Ohlimpiadas!. Pistacatro productora de soños (New circus)
19:30 h | Praza da Quintana
This show is based on the everyday life broadcast as a live sport to create a world ruled by the absurd, where the sporting gesture and the real world are mixed in a chimera of continuous nonsense. These situations come to life thanks to the combination of techniques such as dance and acrobatic portés and of course humour.

Friday 31 August
Give it a spin. Pisando Ovos (Dance)
19:30 h | Praza da Quintana
Give it a spin is Pisando Ovos' new proposal for unconventional spaces where music and movement, from their purest states, meet through dialogue between a DJ and a dancer. A conversation based on the "turning around", on continuous turning, on the repetition and transformation of movement and sound. An encounter where the bodies support and resist each other in the form of a continuous embrace.
For the occasion we have the special collaboration of DJ Jas Processor.

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Cultura no Camiño 2018: Rojo

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