'Concretos y Abstractos', Pierre Louis Geldenhuys
'Concretos y Abstractos', Pierre Louis Geldenhuys
14/09/2018 - 10/11/2018
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'Concretos y Abstractos', Pierre Louis Geldenhuys

Pierre Louis Geldenhuys (South Africa, 1971) surprises us once again with his latest work in which he creates textile origami pieces on light boxes with "tessellation" as a key element for the development of his works.

Tessellation is a technique that uses a repetitive pattern of geometric figures arranged in a continuous manner and without spaces between them. Working first on paper and then on silk fabrics, the artist uses the geometric figures of the equilateral triangle, the square and the regular hexagon to create and configure works of textile origami that seem impossible to execute because of their great complexity.

Pierre Louis Geldenhuys constructs a perfect harmony of volumes in each fold of the natural silks with which he works and the use of optical fiber allows him to transmit that radiographic effect that characterizes his works encapsulated in light boxes.

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'Concretos y Abstractos', Pierre Louis Geldenhuys

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