Cycle 'Le Nuove Musiche. Música vocal e instrumental do Século XVI'
Cycle 'Le Nuove Musiche. Música vocal e instrumental do Século XVI'
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Cycle 'Le Nuove Musiche. Música vocal e instrumental do Século XVI'

The cycle Le nuove musiche. Instrumental and vocal music from the 17th century includes a total of six recitals to be held until May next year. All of them will be at 20:30 in the Paraninfo of the USC except the last one, which will take place in the Conventual Church of Santa Clara at 20.00 hours.

The cycle is centred on the seicento, the musical era of the West in which the greatest and most transcendental changes of all its future took place, as Javier Garbayo, professor of History of Music at the USC, states. This is the period in which the Baroque was born, in which instrumental music acquires greater dimensions thanks to the important technical and constructive advances of the instruments, the appearance of increasingly specialised performers and the incorporation and experimentation of new forms and composition codes.


Monday 19 November
O violin e o violoncello no século XVII
Works by Nicola Matteis, Domenico Gabrielli, Giovani Maria Bononcini, Pandolfi Mealli, Johann Jakob Walther, Tomaso Pegolotti and Arcangello Corelli
Ensemble Allettamento
Mario Braña, baroque violin
Elsa Pidre, baroque cello

Monday 10 December
Music in Italy in the 17th century
Works by Leoni, Monteverdi, Piccinini, Frescobaldi, T. Merula, Palestrina/Rognoni, Buonamente e Strozzi
Ana Vieira Leite, soprano
Pedro Sousa Silva, flute
Fernando Santiago García, violone
Hugo Sanches, theorbo

Tuesday, 22 January
Mirando o ceo
Madrigais of Le nuove musiche by Caccini
Magna Ferreira, soprano
Rafael Muñoz, theorbo
Lara Pouso, actress

Tuesday, 26 February
O Manuscrito Guerra
Lidia Vinyes-Curtis, mezzosoprano
Manuel Vilas, baroque harp

Friday 22 March
Lagrime mie, a que vi trattenete?
Works by Barbara Strozzi, Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre and Françoise-Charlotte de Senneterre/Menetou
José Carvalho, baroque oboe
António Godinho, bezel flute
Mariña García-Bouso e Francisco Cymbron, baroque violin
Leonor Sá, baroque cello
Vasco Pereira, key
Pedro Martins, theorbo
ESMAE students from Porto
Students of Canto do Curso de Música Antiga da ESMAE de Porto
Bianca Alves, Carolina Bermejo, Daniela Mato and Eunice d'Aguiar
Magna Ferreira, conductor

Thursday 30 May
Music and poetry for Santa Clara
Magna Ferreira, song/key
Júlio Galvão, organ/key
João Castro, actor
Conventual Church of Santa Clara, more than 20.00 h

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Cycle 'Le Nuove Musiche. Música vocal e instrumental do Século XVI'

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