Camiño Urbano
Camiño Urbano
01/09/2018 - 30/09/2018
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Camiño Urbano is a project of El Patito Editorial whose main objective is to make women visible within the art world, an objective that it carries out with an action around roads and illustration. Four renowned illustrators, Maru Godas (Barcelona), Celia Burgos (Cádiz), Nanda Cabaleiro (Santiago) and Ana Luisa Frazao (Lisbon) became pilgrims to enter the city from the point of view of nature, because when the walkers arrive in Compostela the first thing they see is not the coveted Cathedral, but the public parks and gardens. Thus, each illustrator entered the city on one of the roads that lead to Compostela and from there 40 illustrations were collected in the book of the same title.

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Camiño Urbano
Camiño Urbano

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Galería Sargadelos
Rúa Nova 16, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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10.30-14.00 / 16.30-20.30