“Filloa” Festival of Lestedo
“Filloa” Festival of Lestedo

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Very close to Santiago: Boqueixón

An event declared a Festival of Galician Tourist Interest that receives an important number of visitors from all over Galicia every year. This festival was one of the first “filloa” (crepe) festivals held in Galicia, being centred on an exclusively Galician product, just like other traditional products accompanying it (honey, chorizo…), although there are similar desserts in other regions and countries. In view of its age, we can determine that it originated as a genuine promotion of this characteristic Entroido (Galician Carnival) product.

The queen of the festival and the traditional gastronomic product on Galician dining tables for more than 300 years is the “filloa”, also known in some areas as “freixó” or “marrucho.” It is made with egg, milk, water, flour and salt, mixing it to make a dough, a light and liquid cream called “almoado”; its great quality lies in the artisans skill to maintain the right temperature of the stones and of the filloeiros, where the “filloas” are made, and their thinness.

The parish’s Festival Commission organises this event, always counting on the inestimable collaboration of almost the entire parish of Lestedo. Local residents participate during the entire week and all the more so on the day of the event itself, making “filloas” from early morning late into the night. There is lively entertainment all day long featuring performances by street bands, orchestras and carnival groups.

Since 2004, an artisanal machine has been used to make an average of 1,200-1,600 “filloas” per hour, without losing the original taste and texture. The machine, which has a diameter of almost seven metres, is based on a central rotor with an electric motor that turns the forty filloeiros, each of which makes four “filloas,” over a circle of fire. Seven persons are required to operate the machine.

The Filloa Festival not only stands out as an important gastronomy festival but also serves to promote and preserve culture, incorporating the famous Xenerais (generals) and Correos (dispatch riders) of the “Entroido da Ulla” (Ulla Carnival), declared a Festival of Galician Tourist Interest in September 2013.

PROGRAM 2016. "XXXIII Festa da Filloa":

13:00h. I Gran Parade "Xenerais da Ulla"
13:30h. Presenter: María Mera. Preacher: Juan Viaño, Reitor da USC

Os Ke Hai
A Requinta de Xián

17:00h. Xenerais da Ulla
19:00h. Marbella e Satélites



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Campo da Feira de Lestedo, Boqueixón
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