Chub Festival
Chub Festival

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Very close to Santiago: Vedra

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A characteristic festival beside the River Ulla, in the Agronovo Recreational Area (Vedra). A chub fishing competition is held at the same time.

(2015 Information)

Registration for the 15th Chub Fishing Competition on the Ulla is free and can be done on the same day from 9.30 am onwards.

There will be several musical performances throughout the day and at 2 pm, the opening speech will be read. Another feature is stalls that serve octopus to those in attendance. The awards ceremony is at 7 pm. There will also be a demonstration about how to prepare flies by the artisan fly-maker Rafael de la Iglesias.

The Agronovo Recreational Area features sunshades and traditional boats for rent on Saturday and Sunday afternoon in July and August. It is also equipped with barbecues, tables, toilets… It is located on an official trekking route (San Xoán da Cova) and is an area of great environmental and scenic value.

More information: 981 814 691 / 609 871 278 / 603 897 520


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Agronovo Recreational Area
Agronovo, Vedra
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