'Atardecer no Gaiás 2019'
'Atardecer no Gaiás 2019'
04/07/2019 - 17/07/2019
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'Atardecer no Gaiás 2019'

Atardecer no Gaiás 2019 will feature 20 bands and artists to put a soundtrack to the summer sunsets. This series of concerts in the open air and at sunset is one of the consolidated events of the summer season. Its lineup always generates expectation to be up to date with the current musical news, both at international and Galician level, which has a relevant weight and varied styles.




T4 | Cecilia Krull

F5 | Kumbia Boruka

S6 | Laura Lamontagne

T11 | Labaq

F12 | Europejska Orkiestra

S13 | Soulmacklein

T18 | Miss Bolivia

F19 | Ladilla Rusa

S20 | Betacam

F26 | Floridablanca

S27 | Berta Franklin



T1 | Apartamentos Acapulco

F2 | Malraio

S3 | Monterrosa

T8 | Agoraphobia

F9 | Kumbia Queers

S10 | Las Migas

T15 | Marinah

F16 | De Vacas

S17 | Best Boy




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'Atardecer no Gaiás 2019'

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