Ars ex natura
Ars ex natura
26/10/2018 - 23/11/2018
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Ars ex natura

Ars ex natura has the works of three young Galician artists, three different ways of doing and looking through art the relationship between man and nature. They are Basilisa Fiestras, Pilar Boullosa and Samuel Castro.

Ars ex natura whose title is inspired by the Deus ex Machina of classical Greek theatre, a plot resource that introduces an external disruptive element to the action in order to unblock the plot thread. And it is thus, as an atomizer, that the figure of the contemporary artist is reinterpreted, who breaks the status established over the centuries to go further in the concept and techniques applied in creation, endowing his pieces with an intellectual baggage that before the revolution of the machine was neither demanded nor expected.

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Ars ex natura

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OLALAB Acción Cultural
Rúa da Porta da Pena, 10, Santiago de Compostela, 15704
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