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20:30 | Teatro Principal
Show by the basque company KUKAI Danza. This play examines landscapes of the Basque culture, myths, traditions and symbols from its origin to the Contemporary Period. 
Euro-Arab Film Festival
24/10/2016 - 29/10/2016
Auditorio Abanca
Euro-Arab Film Festival: movies, discussions, songs… +info: Festival AMAL

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Concierto: Mónica de Nut
Mónica de Nut presenta su nuevo disco RAÍCES AÉREAS. Mónica de Nut, voz, y Luis Martíns, arpas celtas acústica y eléctrica, con la...
Filocafé Talks
Public talks with a philosophical emphasis led by professionals of different fields. The starting point is one work of 'CGAC' collection.