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'Camiño de Volta' Exhibition
28/01/2016 - 27/03/2016
| Casa da Parra
Photographic exhibition organised by Consellería de Cultura, Educación y Ordenación Universitaria and curated by Mercedes Rozas. This exhibition shows the perception of...
13/11/2015 - 27/03/2016
10:00 | Museo Centro Gaiás
El Museo Centro Gaiás acoge hasta marzo de 2016 la muestra 'José Suárez. Uns ollos vivos que pensan', la mayor exposición realizada hasta ahora sobre uno de los...
'Xenerais da Ulla' Exhibition
01/02/2016 - 14/02/2016
| Centro Comercial Área Central
'Xenerais da Ulla' phographic exhibition made in collaboration with Concello de Santiago. It is composed of sixty photos of 'Xenerais da Ulla' Tradicional Rural Carnival. It was declared...
'NOISE #1 Electronic Water' Exhibition
22/01/2016 - 18/03/2016
| OLALAB Acción Cultural
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Eladio y los Seres Queridos's Concert
This band is a referent point in Spanish pop inde, and it returns with his tour after playing last year in the main Spanish festivals. Photo: Eladio y los Seres Queridos
Víctor Manuel's Concert '50 años no es nada'
The singer returns to the stage to celebrate his fifty years in music, and he do it presenting his tour '50 años no es nada', a good opportunity to confirm that he still is in good...