XXIII Cineuropa: Today's programme
XXIII Cineuropa: Today's programme

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XXIII Cineuropa: Today's programme

November is the month of the city's most important film festival, Cineuropa. TODAY'S PROGRAMME: **TEATRO PRINCIPAL - 16:00 h. AQUELE QUERIDO MÊS DE AGOSTO by Miguel Gomes - 18:30 h. MAL DÍA PARA PESCAR by Álvaro Brechner - 20:15 h. HADEWIJCH by Bruno Dumont - 22:00 h. FISH TANK by Andrea Arnold - 00:00 h. DDONGPARI by Yang Ik-june **AULA SOCIOCULTURAL DE CAIXA GALICIA - 16:00 h. ON THE WATERFRONT by Elia Kazan - 18:00 h. GIGANTE by Adrián Biniez - 19:45 h. PETIT INDI by Marc Recha - 21:00 h. LA NANA by Sebastián Silva - 23:00 h. 35 RHUMS by Claire Denis

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Tickets: ? 3, 10-film ticket: ? 20, Marathon ticket: ? 5, price of programme: ? 0.50
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