XXIII Cineuropa: Today's programme
XXIII Cineuropa: Today's programme

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XXIII Cineuropa: Today's programme

November is the month of the city's most important film festival, Cineuropa. TODAY'S PROGRAMME: **TEATRO PRINCIPAL - 16:00 h. KANTOKU BANZAI! by Takeshi Kitano - 18:00 h. CHAN MAT (CLAUSTROPHOBIA) by Ivy Ho - 20:15 h. MARATÓN: UN CHICO RARO (short) by Javi Camino THE DENTIST by Brian Yuzna ANTICHRIST by Lars Von Trier LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS by Phil Claydon THE DESCENT by Neil Marshall ILSA, SHE WOLF OF THE SS by Don Edmonds SURPRISE FILM **AULA SOCIOCULTURAL DE CAIXA GALICIA - 17:30 h. UN CONTE DE NOËL by Arnaud Desplechin - 20:15 h. L'AIMÉE by Arnaud Desplechin - 21:30 h. 35 RHUMS by Claire Denis - 23:15 h. DDONGPARI by Yang Ik-june **SEDE FUNDACIÓN CAIXA GALICIA - 21:00 h. SEPTIEMBRE DEL 75 by Adolfo Dufour

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