XXIII Cineuropa: Today's programme
XXIII Cineuropa: Today's programme

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XXIII Cineuropa: Today's programme

November is the month of the city's most important film festival, Cineuropa. TODAY'S PROGRAMME: **TEATRO PRINCIPAL - 16:00 h. ELEVATOR by George Dorobantu - 18:00 h. ICH BIN ENRIC MARCO by Santiago Fillol and Lucas Vermal - 20:15 h. LUNA CALIENTE by Vicente Aranda - 22:00 h. CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY by Michael Moore - 00:00 h. SURVEILLANCE by Jennifer Lynch **SALÓN TEATRO - 16:00 h. AFRANIO by Victor Aparicio - 18:00 h. VENDREDI SOIR by Claire Denis - 20:00 h. NANAYOMACHI by Naomi Kawase - 22:00 h. SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK by Charlie Kaufman - 00:00 h. REPRISE by Joachim Trier **AULA SOCIOCULTURAL DE CAIXA GALICIA - 18:00 h. BAGATELA by Jorge Caballero - 20:00 h. EL ANDAMIO by Rogelio Amigo - 20:00 h. 50 AÑOS EN EL ANDAMIO by Ángel Rueda - 22:30 h. WHAT JUST HAPPENED' by Barry Levinson **SEDE FUNDACIÓN CAIXA GALICIA - 22:00 h. SPECIAL Ryuichi Sakamoto THE SHELTERING SKY by Bernardo Bertolucci.

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