Compañía Abrapalabra: 'A Piragua'
Compañía Abrapalabra: 'A Piragua'
25/06/2009 - 28/06/2009

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Compañía Abrapalabra: 'A Piragua'

Premiere of the Galician Drama Centre's latest production, 'A piragua' by Candido Pazó, a play that uses a simple anecdote to highlight the problem of gender-based violence. Premiere of the Galician Drama Centre's third production this year, 'A Piragua,' written and directed by Cándido Pazó and featuring Xosé Manuel Olveira 'Pico,' Susana Dans, Iolanda Muíños, Marcos Orsi and César Goldi. The play deals with physical abuse; starting from an anecdote involving the director, it highlights how difficult it is to change habits.

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