‘Santiago(é)Tapas’: ‘I Concurso de Tapas de Santiago de Compostela’
‘Santiago(é)Tapas’: ‘I Concurso de Tapas de Santiago de Compostela’
28/06/2008 - 13/07/2008

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‘Santiago(é)Tapas’: ‘I Concurso de Tapas de Santiago de Compostela’

This summer Santiago de Compostela presents the 1st 'Santiago(é)tapas' Competition. From June 28 to July 13, the public can follow 5 routes covering 45 bars and restaurants, vote for their favourite tapa from among 113 options and use a 'Tapasporte' to obtain stamps certifying this curious culinary 'pilgrimage.' Santiago Tourism is organising the 'Santiago (é)Tapas' Competition for the first time in order to bring the city's best tapas together, measure their qualities and offer the public a genuine gastronomic pilgrimage. The competition's name features the object of desire (tapas) and the way to attain them, namely by following any of the designed 'etapas' or routes, or better still, all of them. The public has the responsibility of rewarding the best of the 113 tapas in the competition, tasting and voting in the participating bars. Also, if they plan to sample a few tapas, they can obtain a 'Tapasporte' to collect the stamps certifying their visit to as many establishments as they can, just like the document used by pilgrims arriving in Santiago de Compostela. This original route enables participants to compete for a series of prizes according to the number of '(é)TAPAS' or stages that they complete. Furthermore, a specialised jury will choose the Best Tapa, Traditional Tapa and Creative Tapa, while Galicia Calidade and Estrella Galicia will award prizes to the tapa that best enhances Galician products and the one that best combines with their beer, respectively.

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