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Gastronomy Workshop: Cooking octopus with... Antonio Botana

Gastronomy Workshop: Cooking octopus with... Antonio Botana
Octopus is a key ingredient of traditional Galician gastronomy, while also appearing in the most innovative recipes. For octopus lovers, the renowned chef Antonio Botana imparts a gastronomy workshop in which he provides tips for successful octopus cooking. Antonio Botana is the chef and owner of the Pandemonium restaurant (Cambados). He is a member of the reputed 'Grupo Nove,' made up of Galicia's most innovative chefs, and has received several prizes and awards. His restaurant's star dishes include octopus cooked at low temperature. ******************************************** Each month the gastronomy workshops feature a different seasonal Galician product: mushrooms (November), octopus (December), seafood (January), Carnival cuisine (February) and lamprey (March). In the workshops, the best specialists of each month's product will cook their most outstanding specialities live, explaining in detail all the processes involved, so that each amateur cook can then repeat the experience in his or her own kitchen. All the dishes have been selected so that they can be prepared in a domestic kitchen. Each of the renowned chefs participating in the workshops will explain his recipes, providing different perspectives on each month's featured product, from traditional Galician recipes to the most innovative ones. These gastronomy workshops are included in the 'Santiago de Compostela. You'll Want More' programme, running from November 2007 to March 2008, which is aimed at promoting the best of Galician Gastronomy. Apart from gastronomy workshops, the programme features other activities such as gastronomy trips and special menus in associated restaurants, based on top-quality seasonal Galician products: mushrooms (November), octopus (December), seafood (January), Carnival cuisine (February) and lamprey (March).

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