Mushroom-Picking Trip
Mushroom-Picking Trip

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Mushroom-Picking Trip

Galicia is a paradise for mushroom lovers and November is the best month for picking mushrooms in both forests and fields. Those interested can become skilful pickers in the company of mushroom specialists and local experts. Apart from enjoying nature by means of this relaxing activity, the trips to the Galician countryside include a fun mushroom course enabling you to study mushrooms in their different habitats, as well as learn how to find them, recognise them and differentiate edible species from toxic ones. This route is included in the 'Santiago de Compostela. You'll Want More' programme, running from November 2007 to March 2008, which is aimed at promoting the best of Galician Gastronomy. Apart from gastronomy trips, the programme features cooking workshops, exhibitions and special menus in associated restaurants, based on top-quality seasonal Galician products: mushrooms (November), octopus (December), seafood (January), Carnival cuisine (February) and lamprey (March).

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Galería Sargadelos. (Rúa Nova, 16): 9 am.
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