'Festiclown 2007': today's program, last day
'Festiclown 2007': today's program, last day

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'Festiclown 2007': today's program, last day

One of the summer's most anticipated festivals begins today: Festiclown. From August 1 to 5, 120 perfromances, 45 companies, 13 training courses and 10 public demonstrations will fill the city with clowns and street artists. Noon. Several streets in the ols town: Chaos, or 'Desclowntrol' begins in the old town streets with Bandaclown and Invasión Zancuda. Noon-2 pm. Plazas de O Toural, Praterías y Obradoiro: One of the summer's most longed-for festivals begins, with its clown marathon or 'Maraclown'. At 12 noon, 1 and 2 pm, and also in the evening, the public will be able to enjoy these marathon sessions featuring Ale Risorio, Disco Delivery, Circo Los Delfines, Circo Zefiro, Circhonchita, Namakaca, Los Gemelos Diversos, María del Aire... and a lot more. 7 pm-9 pm. Plazas de O Toural, Praterías y Obradoiro: 'Maraclown'. 7 h. Praza de Praterías: Trasno is a character that has been touring the world's streets and squares for five years. Created in Galicia by Pablo Reboleiro in 2001, he now returns to Compostela. 8 pm. Praza do Toural: The Belgium company Baladeux combines dancing and juggling in a new format, with their show 'Bal à Balles Mussette'. 8 pm. Teatro Principal: This show takes a critical look at emigration, bureaucracy, the search for fame, progress, justice... Performed by the Andalusian company Síndrome Clown and based on Arthur Miller's play. 10 pm. Praza do Toural: Magic Andreu is the first Spanish comical magician to create his own following in his genre. In his humorous, interactive show, the public participates in the magic and is amused by the artist's constant, provocative and charismatic humour.

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