'Festiclown 2007': today's program
'Festiclown 2007': today's program

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'Festiclown 2007': today's program

One of the summer's most anticipated festivals begins today: Festiclown. From August 1 to 5, 120 perfromances, 45 companies, 13 training courses and 10 public demonstrations will fill the city with clowns and street artists. Noon. Several streets in the ols town: Chaos, or 'Desclowntrol' begins in the old town streets with Bandaclown and Invasión Zancuda. Noon-2 pm. Plazas de O Toural, Praterías y Obradoiro: One of the summer's most longed-for festivals begins, with its clown marathon or 'Maraclown'. At 12 noon, 1 and 2 pm, and also in the evening, the public will be able to enjoy these marathon sessions featuring Ale Risorio, Disco Delivery, Circo Los Delfines, Circo Zefiro, Circhonchita, Namakaca, Los Gemelos Diversos, María del Aire... and a lot more. 7 pm. Plaza de O Toural: This Festiclown competition begins with the Argentinean clown Chacovachi, who has 25 years' experience as a street artist and will present his show 'Cuidado!!! Un Payaso Malo puede Arruinar tu Vida' in Galicia. 7 pm-9 pm. Plazas de O Toural, Praterías y Obradoiro: 'Maraclown'. 8.30 h. Praza do O Toural Beto and Tornillo present the show that has amazed everyone in their Madrid neighbourhood: the 'Malabreikers'. 8.30 h. Fundación Caixa Galicia: Screening of the documentary featuring the first expedition to Sri Lanka of the NGO Clowns Without Borders. Along with the collaboration of Doctors Without Borders, they helped people in a tsunami-devastated area smile again. 10 pm. Teatro Principal: The clown Fraser Hooper, with his personal style, presents 'Strawberry', a mix of mime, gestural comedy and vaudeville, combined with the tradition of great clowns. 11.30 pm. Teatro Principal: Lucas, a clown on an empty stage full of substance, helps the audience to image different episodes containing small and large human contradictions: games of opposites.

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