'En Pé de Pedra 2007': programa de hoy
'En Pé de Pedra 2007': programa de hoy

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'En Pé de Pedra 2007': programa de hoy

A total of twelve years in a row dancing on stone, in the streets and in parks... dancing for those who pass by and stop to look. This is 'En Pé de Pedra', Santiago de Compostela's international dance festival for passersby, now in its 12th year, organised by Teatro Galán and the Matarile Teatro company. The festival began in 1995, as an extension of Teatro Galán's objectives: the promotion and exhibition of contemporary dance and theatre. The subtitle 'dance for passersby' reflects the goal of making the culture of dance, movement and body expression available to everyone: taking contemporary dance outdoors to reach those who do not regularly go to the theatre. For the last twelve years, on the first days of summer Compostela loans all of its stone to the art of dancing; the city becomes a flexible setting in which the dancer and spectator are together, face to face, without intermediaries, often giving rise to interaction. During this twelfth festival, held on June 22, 23 and 24, Compostela's public can attend 23 shows and 7 premieres, performed by 9 companies, 5 dancers-choreographers (in the special programme 'Puro e Duro'), in addition to a dance workshop and the presence of a wind band on the last evening. Multi-Cultural Dance Event 'En Pé de Pedra' reflects the different tendencies within contemporary dance, facilitating cultural exchange and the presentation of new creators along with outstanding, well-established choreographers. This year's festival features proposals from Japan, Catalonia, Portugal, Madrid, Canary Islands, Austria, France and Galicia; and two main sections: 'Feito en Galicia', which consists of present-day tendencies within Galician dance; and 'Puro e Duro', in which five choreographers present five solos in a single setting. This year''s festival also includes two shows that, due to their characteristics, have to be presented in theatre venues: in the Salón Teatro and Teatro Galán, which, along with the set of the Facultade de Ciencias da Comunicación (Media Studies Faculty) and the Igrexa da Universidade (University Church), complement the range of outdoor venues. A Different Relationship Between Public and Stage The settings chosen for each show, full of urban history, are a key feature of the festival, since they tend to 'merge' with the choreographies, modifying them, intensifying some aspects or mitigating others; the rhythm, the concentration, the relationship with the spectator, the unforeseeable... In short, 'En Pé de Pedra' is not merely a programme of dance shows or an exhibition of certain artistic formats but establishes a different type of relationship between the public and the stage, reviving an aspect of the public event in which the participation of the onlooker is just as important as that of the one being observed.

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