Holy Week: 'Passion Music'
Holy Week: 'Passion Music'
27/03/2007 - 08/04/2007

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Holy Week: 'Passion Music'

'Passion Music' concerts will be part of the new feature created by the Council of Brotherhoods, Santiago City Council and Consorcio de Santiago for this year's Holy Week: 'Passion Flavours,' a gastronomy route accompanied by classical, ancient, liturgical and contemplative music. 'Passion Music' concerts will fill, from March 27 to April 7, with music the main restaurants of this 'Passion Flavours' route. Ancient instruments such as the flute, oboe and horn will be combined in harmonious duos and trios to accompany the dinners of those wishing to enjoy 'Lenten dishes,' closely clinked to Atlantic cuisine, prepared by 'Passion Flavours' restaurants. CONCERT PROGRAMME: Tuesday, March 27, 10 pm. Casino Restaurant: Concert by the Cruz de Guía Trio (made up of cello and two oboes). Wednesday, March 28, 10 pm. Carretas Restaurant: Concert by Galonera Trio (made up of trumpets). Thursday, March 29, 10 pm. El Patio Restaurant: Concert by El Varal Trio (made up of clarinet, oboe and bassoon). Friday, March 30, 10 pm. Enxebre Restaurant: Concert by Trabajadera Trio (made up of clarinet, oboe and cello). Tuesday, April 3, 10 pm. A Barrola Restaurant: Concert by Tres Potencias Trio (made up of bassoon and two oboes). Wednesday, April 4, 10 pm. Curtidoría Restaurant: Concert by Lacrimosa Duo (made up of flute and guitar). Thursday, April 5, 10 pm. Petiscos Restaurant: Concert by Chicotá Duo (made up of oboe and flute). Friday, April 6, 10 pm. Algueirada Restaurant: Concert by Misericorida Trio (made up of flute, horn and oboe).

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