Holy Week: 'Passion Flavours'
Holy Week: 'Passion Flavours'
27/03/2007 - 07/04/2007

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Holy Week: 'Passion Flavours'

This Holy Week will be very special in Compostela because this year the Council of Brotherhoods, Santiago City Council and Consorcio de Santiago are giving their best to offer innovative activities, apart from the customary liturgical services and procession, under the name 'Passion Flavours.' 'Passion Flavours' is an interesting new feature in Compostela's Holy Week activities. This gastronomy initiative is aimed at creating a 'sampling culture' around Holy Week in the city. Therefore, several of Compostela's restaurants will offer, during this week, vigil menus or 'Lenten dishes,' which will combine the city's typical 'Atlantic diet' with the traditional diet of Catholicism's Lent. Apart from 'Lenten dishes,' there will also be 'Passion sweets' in cake shops, 'cappuccino routes' in cafeterias and a large procession of aperitifs, called '14 stations,' in Compostelas tapas bars. And all of this will be accompanied by 'Passion Music' concerts that, from March 27 to April 7, will fill the main restaurants of this 'Passion Flavours' route with classical and religious music. PASSION FLAVOURS WHERE TO EAT LENTEN DISHES' Restaurants: A Barrola (I and II), Algueirada, A Caldeira de Pedro Boteiro, Carretas, Casa Elisa, Casino, Curtidoría, Dezaséis, Don Gaiferos, El Estanco, El Mercaíto, El Patio, Enxebre, Gambrinus, La Crèperie, O Bigotes, Paco Vilas, Petiscos, San Clemente and San Martiño. WHERE TO FIND CAPPUCCINO ROUTES' Cafeterias: Agarimo, Airas Nunes, Casino, Farggi (I and II), Jacobus (I, II, III and IV), La Bottega, L'Incontro and Maycar. WHERE TO SAVOUR PASSION SWEETS' Cake shops: Airas Nunes, Aldayra, La Boutique del Pan (I, II, II and IV), Churume, Ébano (I and II), Herrma (I and II), La Estrella, Pan & Pan, San Luis, Suevia (I and II) and San Roque. WHERE TO EAT 14 STATIONS' Cafeterias, bars and tapas bars: Ambitus Vetter, Casa Rosalía, Taberna do Bispo, Pinchos and Senra.

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