'A cidade interpretada'
'A cidade interpretada'
13/09/2006 - 26/11/2006

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'A cidade interpretada'

Until December, 8 plastic artists (two from Galicia and 6 from different countries) will create temporary installations in the city: in Rúa das Hortas, in a street off Praza de Cervantes, in Pazo de Bendaña... Until November 26. Interpretation by Jorge Barbi with an installation entitled 'Aliminar.' Visible from Rúa Nova. Until November 26. Installation entitled 'Camouflage Church' by Nathan Coley. Until October 23. Installation by Germanine Kruip entitled 'Wish.' Until November 26. Carme Nogueira presents an installation entitled 'Refuxio.' Until December 7. 'Manifestation Platform,' a temporary installation by Apolonija Sustersic.

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