Videocreation in the CGAC
Videocreation in the CGAC
05/09/2006 - 10/09/2006

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Videocreation in the CGAC

26 videocreation works by the pupils of the University of Vigo's and the University of Porto's Fine Arts Faculty will be screened in the CGAC from 11 am to 8 pm. From Porto: 'Menina Gorda' by Pedro Lino, 'O Remédio Maravilhoso do Jorge' by Jorge Marques, 'O Marinheiro' by Marco Costa, 'As Máquinas de Maria' by Marta Madureira and 'Imprevisível' by Sara Rocha; from Pontevedra: 'Memoria' by Cristian Gradín, 'Gruñóns e outras boas e malas costumes (sic)' by Eduardo Outero and Diego Lamas; 'Bucles' by Diego Lama; 'Citizen' by Iván Fernández ; 'Tifosis' by David Rodríguez; 'GLITCH77' by Pablo Otero; 'Universal' by Simionescu Bianca; 'Desaparecer ou Transformarse' by Olalla Eguren; 'Unisex' by Maite Muñoz ; 'Ata que volviches' by Antía Moure; 'Fio' by Sarai Fernández; 'Situación' by Carlos Isla, Gemma Marqués and Ana María López; 'Dancing' by Sara González; 'Landscape' by Filiberto Martínez; 'Dous rapaces luz' by Roi Prada; 'Chico Pancho ancompany' by Yoseba Muruzabal; 'Espejismo' by Sara Alonso; 'Matrioshka' by Carmen Fariñas-Ferro; 'Espacio íntimo' by María Magán; and 'Guantánamo' by Virginia Sotelo.

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De martes a domingos de 11 h a 20 h. Luns pechado.
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