Kurdish Culture Week
Kurdish Culture Week
28/03/2006 - 31/03/2006

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Kurdish Culture Week

Films, conferences and concerts will make up the Kurdish Culture Week. March 28th: Screening of the film 'Las tortugas también vuelan.' Teatro Principal 7.30 pm March 29th: Screening of the documentaries 'Arroz con garbanzos', 'Daf' and 'En los tejados de Diyarbekir'. Teatro Principal 10 pm March 30th: Conference by Manuel Martorell and Aysel Tugluk. Galería Sargadelos 8.30 pm March 31st: Concert by the Kurdish singer Kilüfer Akbal. Teatro Principal 9 pm

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Día 28: 19:30 horas Día 29: 22:00 horas Día 30: 20:30 horas Día 31: 21:00 horas
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