Festival de Músicas Contemplativas. Concert by Sequentia
Festival de Músicas Contemplativas. Concert by Sequentia

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Festival de Músicas Contemplativas. Concert by Sequentia

Founded in 1977 by Benjamin Bagby and the late Barbara Thornton, Sequentia is one of the world's most respected and innovative ensembles for medieval music. They will offer a concert at the 'Mercedarias' Church. Under Benjamin Bagby as director, Sequentia can look back on almost three decades of international concert tours, a comprehensive discography spanning the entire Middle Ages (including the complete works of Hildegard von Bingen), film and television productions of medieval music drama, and new generations of young performers trained in professional courses given by the ensemble. From Christianity's introduction in Europe until the end of the first millennium there were widespread apocalyptic images of the End of the Days and the Final Judgment, both in written documents and in the visual arts. These images, largely based on John's Revelation, are sometimes surprisingly similar to Germanic mythology's descriptions of the world's destruction during the terrible final battle (Ragnarök) between the gods (Odin, Thor, etc) and their moral enemies, the giants. These different sources therefore share certain characteristics: the words of female oracles; the sound of the horn; the gathering of armies in the heavens and on earth; the disintegration of the material reality, and the final destruction of the world by fire.

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