Festival de Músicas Contemplativas. Concert by Micrologus
Festival de Músicas Contemplativas. Concert by Micrologus

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Festival de Músicas Contemplativas. Concert by Micrologus

The members of the Micrologus group were among the first to contribute to the rediscovery of medieval music in Italy, following new interpretative paths that are making this music increasingly more renowned and appreciated, both in Italy and in the rest of Europe. The Micrologus group's work is based on the exploration of theses sources, on historical, palaeographic, organological and iconographic investigations (which have enabled, in certain cases, the reconstruction of unique musical instruments), as well as the study and comparison of written repertoires and those of oral tradition. The Cantigas de Santa María and the valuable codices on which they are written are undoubtedly one of European music's greatest monuments of all time. Alfonso X the Wise put a lot of devotion and effort into the Cantigas project, more so than in any other cultural works he undertook during the years of his enlightened kingship. This immense fresco dedicated to the Virgin is a composition made up of several levels: poetical texts, music and the images of the priceless illuminated manuscripts on which praises to Mary, her miracles and scenes of sacred history were transcribed.

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