Contemplative Music Festival. Concert by Alia Mvsica
Contemplative Music Festival. Concert by Alia Mvsica

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Contemplative Music Festival. Concert by Alia Mvsica

Alia Mvsica has given concerts in the most important Seasons and Festivals in Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Bulgary, Poland, Ireland, Switzerland, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Turkey and the United States of America. It has participated, among other events, in the International Festival of Vama (Bulgaria), San Sebastian's Musical Fortnight, Festival International de Musique Sacrée de Montpellier, International Music and Dance Festival of Granada, Les Concerts Spirituels de Nantes, Cuenca's Religious Music Week, and given concerts in Madrid's Museo del Prado, Sofia's Palace of Culture, Washington's Elizabethan Theatre, Caracas' Museo Sacro, Istanbul's Cemal Resit Rey Konsert Salonu, Brussel City Council's Gothic Hall, Rome's Palazzo Spagna, Utrecht's Vredenburg, London's Queen Elizabeth Hall, Kaufman Concert Hall and The Cloisters (Metropolitan Museum) in New York. During the so-called Golden Age of Spanish Judaism (10th-12th centuries), religious poems, with notable influences from Arabic poetry, were sung with the melodies of other Hebrew poems, as indicated in manuscripts from that time. That was the period of splendour of Hispano-Jewish poets such as Yehudá Haleví, Salomón aben Gabirol or Abraham aben Ezrá.

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