8th Series of New Interpreters
8th Series of New Interpreters
13/03/2006 - 14/03/2006

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8th Series of New Interpreters

A series of concerts to promote new artists, organised by the University of Santiago de Compostela in collaboration with the Teresa Berganza Lyrical Assocation of Galicia. Mon 6: Sara Domínguez and Andrea González on piano, Patricia González on flute Tue 7: Ana Pérez and J.C. Ledo on piano, with voices of Alba López and Tiago Santos Mon 13: Regina Fuentes, cello, and Laura Touriñán on piano Tue 14: Isabel Pérez on piano, with María Taibo on clarinet Mon 21: pianists Alba Díaz, Aída Calo and Rosalía Gómez Tue 22: Daniel Rivas on viola, Manuel Dávila on trumpet Mon 27: Sole Fernández on piano and Tamara Caño on violin Tue 28: Olaia Novo on piano, Julia Estévez on flute.

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