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Only in Santiago and in Galicia!



The flight of the world’s largest censer can be seen on a few occasions in Santiago Cathedral. You will never forget its impressive swinging, making it almost touch the basilica’s vault in front of the amazed pilgrims’ eyes. An unrepeatable experience.


“Romería” in the forest

A genuine Galician fiesta in an oak grove, with marquee, octopus stand, local wine and bagpipe players to liven things up.



Young Obelix fell into a cauldron of Galician “queimada” (flamed eau-de-vie)... And was never the same. “Queimada” is a traditional drink and, at the same time, quite a spectacle. The rite of the flame consuming the eau-de-vie’s alcohol is accompanied by a magic spell to scare away the bad spirits’ “meigallo” or evil influence.


Traditional trades tour

A walk around the city to discover its living artisanal traditions: from jet stone and silver to braiding or leather, ceramics or lacework.


Concerts in churches

Santiago has more than 20 monumental churches, from the Romanesque to the neoclassical stye, many of which host medieval, ancient or classical music concerts.


University “tuna”

The “tuna” is a student music group that is characteristic of Spanish universities, combining music, fun, nightlife and flirting. Santiago’s “tuna” is considered the oldest in Europe. Guaranteed partying and amusement.


Traditional music and dancing

Bagpipes, drums and cheerful tambourines accompany group dances such as the “muñeira,” in a tradition linked to Atlantic arc folklore, from Brittany to Scotland.

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