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Staying in Santiago

Santiago, as the final destination of the Way of St. James, has a historical tradition of hospitality. They city has adapted to the needs of the millions of pilgrims, students and travellers who have come and continue coming to Compostela, either for a few days or for a longer stay.

This tradition can be seen in its range of accommodation, which can lodge thousands of guests in more than 120 establishments, divided among small, charming hotels in the old town and new complexes belonging to renowned chains. There are also student residences and pilgrim hostels, as well as a large number of flats for rent that are easily found throughout the city. Staying in Santiago is therefore an easy task. All that is required of guests is appropriate identification and the usual norms of conduct.

The municipality of Compostela has around 8,000 beds available for accommodation, of which 5,500 correspond to hotels and boarding houses. Such establishments are divided into the following categories: hotels, boarding houses, lodging houses (guesthouses), rural tourism establishments (which have their own classification), hostels, campsites, tourist apartments, residences and holiday resorts.

Prices normally vary according to two seasons: high season (months of July, August and the first fortnight in September, Christmas and Holy Week) and low season (rest of the year). However, each establishment may have its own high/low season or offer special discounts. Price lists do not include VAT (value-added tax), unless otherwise stated.

In the case of rural tourism, the low season is called Días Verdes (Green Days). This category of establishments, which feature excellent value and traditional Galician architecture, has its own reservation centre:

Tel: 902 200 432
Fax: 981 542 529

Other addresses of interest:  (Xunta de Galicia)  (Agatur, Asociación Gallega de Turismo Rural)  (Pazos de galicia)

Rural tourism accommodation includes the following buildings: “pazos” (ancestral homes), castles, monasteries, mansions, rectories, rustic village houses and farmhouses.

Another accommodation possibility is renting a private flat. Prices usually vary between € 300 (apartments with 1 or 2 rooms) and € 600 (flats with 4 or more rooms), although the usual price is around € 450 (flats with 3 or 4 rooms), depending mostly on the flat’s location and characteristics. Flats may be rented through one of the city’s real-estate agencies or by contacting the owner by means of the numerous ads on display.